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Phased Approach to Treatment

We can empower you to be involved in your treatment and recovery through a number of programs to aid in your success.
After Intake Assessment, Evaluation, Admission and Treatment
Planning we create a personalized three phase program.

  Phase One: PRIMARY PHASE (6 Weeks) 30 Sessions

  Phase Two: CONTINUED CARE (4 Months) 48 Sessions

  Phase Three: AFTER CARE (6 Months) 24 Sessions

Includes the following: Individual counseling-CD Education- Relapse Prevention Group- Recovery Issues Group-Family Support/Education Group- 12-Step Meetings-Step Study- Random Drug Testing

Customized Treatment

  Individual Family Therapy:
A therapeutic session that engages the client and member(s) of his/her family system as a unit. A variety of evidence-based approaches may be used such as structural/strategic family therapy, multi-dimensional family therapy, and behavioral family therapy.

  Individual Therapy:
A face-to-face contact between a single client and the counselor or therapist to address the emotional and social concerns related to the client’s AOD use and/or abuse.

  Group counseling:
A face-to-face contact in which one or more therapists or counselors treat two or more participants at the same time, focusing on the needs of the group.

  Workshops on Social Skills including: Self Esteem, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Effective Communication

  Employment Services:
Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Dress for Success, Skills assessment and development, job coaching, career exploration,resume writing, interview skills, marketing skills, labor market information, job search assistance, job application assistance, and job retention tips.

  Educational Services:
Includes academic tutoring, homework assistance, life skills development, health promotion, anger management, violence prevention.

  Telephone Monitoring and Adaptive Counseling:
Brief, scheduled telephone call to participants utilizing the protocol established by ADP.

SAMHSA's Tips for Teens

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Parents and Families

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Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center is licensed under the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Administration #190586AP
California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) - Provider #100537
Drug Medi-Cal Provider #197423