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FAQ for Providers

CARE Assessment Services

We perform both Outpatient and Recovery Support assessments for the CARE program throughout Los Angeles County, Contact Us to arrange an appointment

Assessment Policies and Procedures

Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center strictly follows all policies and procedures as outlined by the CARE program. This includes, but is not limited to, the requirement that completed 'Client Information' and signed 'Consent to Release Confidential Information' forms must be received prior to arranging any assessment appointment.

Confidentiality, File Security and Encryption

The sending of confidential information by e-mail is strictly prohibited, this policy extends to file attachments. All of our assessors strictly adhere to this policy. The only non-secure information contained in our e-mail communications to you are client ID numbers. Copies of the assessment available to you using file encryption procedures that are in compliance with our organization's HIPAA policy.

Assessment Request Forms

Client Consent and Information forms are available here.

File Encryption / Decryption

Patient information including completed assessments, forms, etc. are encrypted and secured conforming to HIPAA regulations. Files can be accessed using a link that will be sent to you following the assessment and/or upon your request. The files are posted on a secure website and are encrypted using strict suecuity protocols. Your file will be available for download for a period of 30 days.
No special software is required to open your encrypted file.
Please refer to the instructions below.

The software used to create the encrypted files meet the following requirements: Access Control/Encryption and Decryption - AES-128, Integrity/Authentication HMAC-SHA1-128 Transmission, and Security/Integrity Controls, Encryption AES-128/HMAC-SHA1-128.
Secure File Access

Instructions to open your encrypted files:

1. Follow the link sent to your e-mail
  (click or copy/paste to an Internet browser)
2. Select 'save' or "save as' and save to your desktop
3. Find the file on your computer
4. Open the file and enter your password
5. The file will automatically appear in the same folder
6. You will then have the ability to print/save/delete

Simple File Access

Select your location from the list below for fast and secure access to your files. Contact us today for your logon credentials.

All login attempts are monitored.
Access is granted by permission only.

Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center is licensed under the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Administration #190586AP
California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) - Provider #100537
Drug Medi-Cal Provider #197423