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Quality Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

The only CARE provider in San Pedro/Harbor Area

We provide a full array of recovery support services

Affordable Treatment for Adolescents

Most PPO insurance accepted
Special Programs

Offering Affordable Quality Treatment
Low Cost and NO COST Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents  

How Do I Start?

Call (310) 831-0331 today and speak with one of our counselors or email for more information

Completely Confidential
"The Buzz"

"No one has ever taken the time to listen to me"

- Josh 14
A Few Words About Us

HASATC is a locally owned and operated facility with services provided specifically for the adolescents in our community. We are focused on providing affordable and quality services.

This is an outpatient program. Our emphasis is on the entire cycle of treatment and recovery.

Our services are comprehensive and all inclusive.
Why Choose Us

What makes HASATC unique is that we can offer the same quality of care and services as the high end provider but at a much more affordable rate for those seeking treatment on private pay basis. We have the facilities for 400 concurrent participants as well as on campus programs. We are also uniquely situated as the only CARE contract provider in San Pedro. Our staff is comprised of Masters level counselors.

On Campus Treatment Services

Family Support Sessions

Life Skills Workshops
What We Offer

HASATC is designed to serve Adolescents with alcohol and drug related problems. We are an outpatient treatment facility based upon the 12-step model. Participants may attend provided they remain clean and sober, are actively engaged in the recovery process, and abide by the program rules. Emphasis is placed upon a 12-step program, group support, and peer interaction recovery services to include, but not limited to treatment and services, alcohol and drug education groups, supervised A.A., N.A., and C.A. attendance, and individual counseling. An alcohol and drug free environment will always be maintained.

Our Principles

"Substance Abuse will not stop without proper aftercare support services for both the individual and the family"

Dario Ghio, MS, Founder/CEO

Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center is licensed under the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Administration #190586AP
California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) - Provider #100537
Drug Medi-Cal Provider #197423

Substance Abuse Treatment



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