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"I was afraid to tell my parents - now they are a part of the program with me"

- Nikki 13

What is the CARE Program?

The California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) is a substance abuse treatment and recovery program funded by the President's Access to Recovery initiative. It empowers youth to make individual choices for recovery that reflect their personal values. Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center (HASATC) is licensed under the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Administration license #190586AP and is an approved CARE provider. Services provided under the CARE Program are available at NO COST for eligible youth who meet the program requirements.

Who is eligible for the CARE program?

The CARE program is open to eligible youth 12 through 20 years of age who live in Los Angeles County and want help overcoming problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

Do I need to tell my parents I am in the program?

No this is a strictly confidential program. They will see the results.

Why does CARE work?

The concept of CHOICE is a cornerstone of the program. We can empower you to be involved in your treatment and recovery through a number of programs to aid in your success.

 National Drug Statistics Summary

"In the United States, approximately three-fourths of all deaths among persons aged 10 to 24 years result from only four causes: motor-vehicle crashes, other unintentional injuries, homicide, and suicide. Results from the 1999 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey demonstrate that numerous high school students engage in behaviors that increase their likelihood of death from these four causes...[including alcohol and illicit drug use]" Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), Centers for Disease Control, Risk Youth Behavior Surveillance.

About Our Founder

Dario Ghio, M.S. - CEO/Program Director

As founder, CEO, and Program Director of HASATC, Dario Ghio coordinates the planning, development, organization, implementation, and evaluation of the center services. Prior to founding HASATC, Mr. Ghio served in key administrative roles at assistance organizations, including various substance abuse treatment centers, a home for blind children, and a homeless shelter. Aside from HASATC, Mr. Ghio also owns and operates First Street House, a local substance abuse sober living house. He is a member of CAMFT, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and a past Chairman of San Pedro Sober Living Coalition.

Harbor Area Substance Abuse Treatment Center is licensed under the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Administration #190586AP
California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) - Provider #100537
Drug Medi-Cal Provider #197423

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